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Nicole Coulson - Lifestyle Manager Mapletree UK Management Limited

Wellbeing is KEY in the workplace

With Wellbeing at the forefront of the nation's mind, Nicole with be talking about how she has worked with multinational businesses to embed their values of Wellbeing and Mental Health in to a leading Business Community, along with initiatives that she has set up to encourage and engage occupiers to embrace a work life balance, which in turn improves employee health, behaviors, and improves productivity.

About Nicole

Nicole Coulson has been Mapletree’s Green Park’s Lifestyle Manager for the past ten years. Her approach to the 450 events she spearheads annually has wellbeing at the very core. The 7,000 strong population on Green Park benefit from the program built up by Nicole, which ensures that there is something for everyone. Nicole has initiated many of the events and classes underpinned by feedback from Green Park’s occupiers. Over the years, Nicole has introduced a variety of different routes Green Park occupiers can take to find wellbeing – some prefer intensely physical activities like the Boot Camps and half marathons while others enjoy the many classes available from photography, beekeeping to flower arranging. In addition, new offerings such as wellness days, which incorporate advice on how to eat more healthily to dealing with back pain from qualified chiropractors, have proved very popular. Nicole’s ethos is to never stop searching for ways to improve the occupiers’ working lives at Green Park – which always means enhancing the human experience during the working day and ensuring people can take up daily opportunities to achieve wellness of mind and body.

Contact Details

Nicole Coulson Lifestyle Manager Mapletree UK Management Limited
100 Longwater Avenue, Green Park, Reading, RG2 6GP
Direct Line: +44 (0) 207 605 4687 | Mobile: +44 (0) 7809 223 144

George Anderson - Performance and Wellbeing Speaker, Coach and Author

Strategic Recovery for Sustainable High Performance

Sustainable high performance requires a more pro-active and strategic approach to recovery. In a high pressure business environment, pushing your body and mind harder and further, without paying attention to your recovery can lead to overwhelm, high levels of stress, and eventually burnout.

Your physical wellbeing habits impact not only your long term health but also how you feel and how you perform on a day to day basis. This short presentation will show you how you can boost your resilience, focus and performance across all aspects of your life.

About George

George is a performance and wellbeing speaker, coach and author. During the past 2 decades he has worked with thousands of people and organisations as a trainer, lecturer, coach and online community leader.

George regularly explores his own limits, completing two 24 hour 100 mile ultra marathons, an ironman triathlon and 10 consecutive marathons. He draws on these experiences to help inspire others to challenge themselves to continually evolve.

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